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Rather cute manananggal, Cory

Rather cute manananggal, Cory published on 4 Comments on Rather cute manananggal, Cory

Well, I ordered some guts and bloody stumps for my manananggal, but they didn’t come, so I worked on the rest of her, that is, her top half. You can see Cory [short for Corazon] below. I am not sure what her style is, but, whatever it is, she is rockin’ it hard. She is a lot of fun to make. I put her in the therianthropes category because she has bat wings and an insectile tongue, so I think of her as therianthropic. I added the “devil horns” because they seemed to go along with the bat wings…and her tough demeanor. I don’t know if you can see this, but she has three eyebrow piercings, one nose ring and rings at either corner of her mouth!



I would have never ever thought anybody would modernize a manananggal, but I shouldn’t put such things beyond the fabulous MW! Aswang and manananggal are as cheesy to me as Freddy and Jason thanks to the sad film budgets of early 90s Filipino horror movies, but you’ve really managed to give her a thoroughly candy pop/punk look. She looks great!!

Heh, I can’t imagine Cory using her tounge to suck babies from pregnant women’s wombs…but…hahaha! Great job. ^__^

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