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LHF launches tomorrow!

LHF launches tomorrow! published on No Comments on LHF launches tomorrow!

For a ton of just-added character sketches, please visit the cast page to link to them all. Each sketch contains a mini cartoon to enliven the dull biographical details. I made too many to count, so just head over and flip through them. Then leave a comment. I fixed it so that you can leave comments now.

 is now on my list of known readers, which also includes damsel_ophelia, dollsahoy, batchix, freak42 and stevie_stever! That makes 6. Hooray!

Remember — you can add LHF to your friends list by following its feed here:

I started off with 12 subscribers [from a previous iteration of LHF], and now I’m up to 15. Perhaps some of my known readers are subscribing…


 gave me a friendly shout-out in her blog today, in which she admits, “I’m fairly excited to see what new stories she’ll be telling.” I’m excited too!

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