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Likely flashbacks for LHF establishment

Likely flashbacks for LHF establishment published on 2 Comments on Likely flashbacks for LHF establishment

 suggested on the LHF site that I redo some of the 9 seasons of LHF that I did with dolls in order to re-establish the characters’ back stories in this reboot of LHF. The mere thought of redoing those tons of stories fills me with exhaustion, but I think judicious use of flashbacks could help. Following is a list of things that I’d like to flash back to:


Will, cohabitating with Mark, has writer’s block and a singularly crass view of his vampiric existence.

Anneka and Will’s first conversation goes from death to sex. I’ve also always found it highly interesting, essential and problematic that date rape initiates their relationship.




In the plotline that eventually leads to Anneka’s demise, Dom hates Will with the envious hatred that only a loser can muster. Unfortunately, his friend Caveat dies in the fallout from their vendetta, a fact that I have always regretted.

Dom, continuing to be a douchebag, decides that vengeance is the answer to his grief over Caveat’s death.


Anneka and Will, on the outs, run into each other in Chinatown. Dom interrupts their friendly fire. Will delivers the smack-down on Dom. The douchebag kills Anneka. Will intercepts.


Baozha finds the Season 4 Pieta. Chow watches over Anneka’s resurrection and makes sure Will doesn’t do unseemly things to her body.


Pippilotta’s mini-arc in eps 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 gives her a lot more depth, explains some of her motivations and makes her a good foil for Anneka. [I can’t believe I just said “mini-arc.”]


Will asks Mark if Mark thinks that Will is gay. Lots of bons mots from Mark. NB: It is probably not a good idea, if you are a guy, to ask your male ex-boyfriend if said ex thinks you are gay. Later, Will is pissed that everyone thinks he’s gay.


The familial melodrama between Janet, Velvette and Viktor [and, tangentially, Sibley] carries this season in 8.1 [hello, Viktor!], 8.3 [wow, Janet has a personality!], 8.8 [love Janet’s door!], 8.9 [zotz to head, Janet!] and 8.10 [watch out, Sibley!]. It explains how Velvette wound up taking care of Janet and how Viktor wound up with Sibley.


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