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I miss my 1:6 Will doll.

I miss my 1:6 Will doll. published on No Comments on I miss my 1:6 Will doll.

Maybe I should figure out how to put his head on his body…or make him a new head or something??? 

EDIT: Hmmmm, maybe I should get an Obitsu Slim male body and put another Galadriel head on it…Or that Obitsu Slim Male head that I did as Jareth a while back… Or a Beka Valentine…I know I have one of those bonking around…  

EDIT 2: Or my blue Lilith doll, who already has the appropriate smirk and lots of makeup…or a CG01 head…The head matters less than does the fact that I find a 1:6 Will doll… Maybe the PB head I painted as Frank a while back?

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