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Wow, look at the detail on that dust!!

Wow, look at the detail on that dust!! published on 1 Comment on Wow, look at the detail on that dust!!

Two years ago, I picked up an idea online for how to make a cheap light box. A light box is a device to diffuse light around objects that one is taking pictures of, thus mitigating the effect of crappy amateurish lighting rigs [read: desk bulbs]. Following the guide posted on Strobist, I chopped up a cardboard box and tissue paper to create the following:

Then I tried to take some pictures. The light box successfully diffused the light to such a great degree that I achieved accurate, in-focus, highly detailed pictures of the dust on Velvette’s face.

Two photo sessions later, I finally squeezed out a decent shot of my most beautiful doll ever. I’ve also decided that I’ve reached the limits of my camera’s macro capabilities and therefore want a more powerful camera. Some non-yellow lights would be good as well, especially if I’m going to start taking pictures of dolls again.

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