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Gemini comes to 1:6!

Gemini comes to 1:6! published on No Comments on Gemini comes to 1:6!

Nobody knows this except my wife [and now the 3 readers of this blog], but Velvette from LHF has two siblings [that she knows about]. One is her sister Janet, technically her half-sister since they share a mom. But she also has another half-sister, Gemini Beaumont, member of the End of the World [Provincetown vampire clan]. I currently have Velvette and Janet in 1:6, but Gemini will soon join them.

Janet’s an Integrity Toys Janay head on a CG Ebony body without ankle cups, which makes her shorter than usual. Velvette, my most beautiful 1:6 doll ever, is a Barbie Mbili head [yes, I yanked it from a doll that I paid $100 for] on a CG body with a Caucasian skin tone painted over [very sloppily] with burnt umber. Since I want a familial resemblance between Velvette and Gemini, Gemini will be a Mystery Squad Kenzie head on a CG body with Caucasian skin tone. Both Velvette and Gemini have the same head mold [Angel/Goddess], but the differences in skin tone and paint jobs make them look like different people. And yes, I am aware that Velvette and Janet do not have a familial resemblance, but I don’t care. They’re half-siblings because I said so. :p

I’m really excited about Gemini. She has squizzly red hair that I want to put up in a Bride-of-Frankenstein-like ‘do, but I’m not sure how to make it stay up.

Janet and Velvette [and Gemini] have the most convoluted family tree. I’m still trying to figure out how Janet and Gemini are related. Since they have a half-sister in common [Velvette], it seems reasonable to suppose that they are related, but I can’t determine how. Maybe they’re quarter-sisters? :p

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