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Rocky Horror Picture Show remake?

Rocky Horror Picture Show remake? published on 2 Comments on Rocky Horror Picture Show remake?

Continuing in a long tradition of mediocre remakes of classic films [Psycho, Wicker Man, War of the Worlds, King Kong, et hoc genus omne], MTV and 20th Century Fox are apparently retreading The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. Like most remakes, it will be weak, pointless, dull and did I mention POINTLESS? Useless, pathetic remakes always make me roll my eyes in disgust; my eyes are revolving especially hard in their sockets now because Fox and MTV are messing around with a movie that I like. Blech. WHY???


The thought that anybody (much less MTV) would try to remake this movie scares me. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the stars really aligned for this movie and a film that had no reason to work in the first place became something truly unique and fun. You can’t plan for that and you can’t recapture that.

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