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Third-rate superhero of the day: Pierce, Master of Tunnels

Third-rate superhero of the day: Pierce, Master of Tunnels published on 1 Comment on Third-rate superhero of the day: Pierce, Master of Tunnels

Pierce is a young woman whose talent is making tunnels in inanimate objects. She discovered her power when she was shoveling the driveway of her childhood home and she got trapped under an avalanche of April Vermont snowbanks. She dug herself out and discovered that her talent for piercing things extended to materials beyond snow.

Pierce is, of course, heavily pierced, as are her clothes. Her interests incude confetti-making and needlepoint. For extreme thrills, she practices self-suspension. She makes her best holes when she is really angry, excited or turned on. For this reason, she keeps a cordless drill on her at all times. There are lots of holes in her crafting table and her bedstead.

Pierce lives in the Boston area, where she moved because she is the only person in the region who thinks that the Big Dig is fucking awesome. She works as a document technician for Boring Investments Transnational, located in the Financial District, which means that she prints and binds documents. She likes her job because she gets to punch holes in things.

And I am really really not, no never, going to make a doll of her, despite the fact that she could have all these little piercings and beads dangling from her clothes, and her accessories could be a little cordless drill and a bag of 1:6 confetti, and I could take pictures of her next to various parts of the Callahan Tunnel and other parts of the former Big Dig, and she could be saying, "Wow!" and everyone else would be rolling their eyes….

Oh, who am I kidding?

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