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Karito Kids dolls

Karito Kids dolls published on 2 Comments on Karito Kids dolls

Every time I’m in Arlington Center, I stop by Henry Bear’s Park, an independent toy store that stocks a pleasing array of Japanese food erasers. Besides the erasers, I also like to admire the dolls, especially the Only Hearts Club and the Groovy Girls. Recently, I’ve been ogling the Karito Kids.

These newcomers to the doll scene are about 22" high, their minimal articulation compensated for by their friendly, engaging faces [they all have slight half-smirks] and high-quality clothes. In another bonus, they span different ethnicities, with slightly different sculpts for each doll. I’ve only seen Gia up close, but I can attest that all the dolls are cute and very huggable, with a pleasing heft.

There’s some painfully hipsterish charity option attached to the purchase of each Karito Kid, but I don’t really care because they are awesome, and I want one. They are about $100 each, which is cheaper than your average high-end 1:6 action figure [I’m looking at YOU, Hot Toys Young Indiana Jones] and much cheaper than anything in resin.


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