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Today’s topic sentence: Rements are awesome.

Today’s topic sentence: Rements are awesome. published on No Comments on Today’s topic sentence: Rements are awesome.

Rement’s a brand name for small, plastic, realistically colored, finely molded, hand-painted models of food, household goods, animals and other related stuff, made by a Japanese company called Rement. The stuff is ~1:6, usually a bit smaller, so it works well with fashion dolls and 12" action figs, a.k.a. the cast of LHF. It is made in themed sets, like "Princess Tea Party," "What’s For Dinner?,""Kawaii Kitchen," etc. Rement is the company name, and the stuff goes by Puchi Petites in the US, but most people I know call the models Rements. Because of their high levels of both quality and cuteness, Rements cause masturbation mass evacuation of wallets non-stop high-pitched squealing to those who are interested in these things.

Much of this high-pitched squealing occurs at the Burlington doll club because the organizer buys full sets of Rements, selling individual boxes separately. While most Rements are packaged blind, meaning that you don’t know what contents your box will have, the club organizer helpfully opens all the boxes for us. Then we can poke inside and actually behold the cuteness before purchasing.

At the most recent doll club meeting, out came the Rements and down descended the frenzied purchasers. I got Strawberry Television, Hot Date After Work and Where To? I defy you not to vomit from the cuteness as you take the links and experience the kawaiiness for yourself.

Each set fills a few gaps in my LHF props list.

Strawberry Television: Anneka and Will can watch the strawberry TV, while Will put the strawberry clock and strawberry tissue dispenser on his vanity.

Hot Date After Work: Any vampire of mine can use the bottle of red wine and glasses thereof, since it looks like blood. Anneka got the armpit bag; Will got the wallet and the paper shopping bag.

Where To?: The frog is for Sibley, along with the lilypad. The letter-carrying bird is for Will’s display shelf.

I see some sets coming up that will help me out even more. I have a serious lack of entrees, forks, spoons and knives in my universe, primarily because my main characters suck down the red stuff all the time. Airline Meals should give me an entree or two.

The Storage Supplies from Storage Beauty could also be useful.

And Panda Kindergarten is just irresistibly cute. Maybe Baozha needs some!

Incidentally, I have Autumn from Oriental Seasons reserved because it has a jointed teddy bear!

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