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“Civilized vampire” Halloween costume in progress

“Civilized vampire” Halloween costume in progress published on 1 Comment on “Civilized vampire” Halloween costume in progress

I got a pair of fangs from W**-M**t a few weeks ago for a dollar. I’m very surprised that anything can be purchased for just a buck these days.

Just now I ordered my gravestone shirt from Gravestone Artwear. It’s a black long-sleeved T-shirt with as many emblems of mortality as can possibly be crammed onto one headstone: a skeleton with laurels [=Death victorious] and a scythe holding the sun and the moon, an ouroboros [=eternity], angels and bats. In case that’s not enough death-related imagery, the sleeves have running borders of crossed spades and mattocks, coffins and little death’s heads. If you want to see a picture of the design, go to T-Shirts, then New England Gravestone Rubbing section, then look for the Susanna Jayne stone. It’s beautiful!

I WAS going to order a fake blood bag, but the list price is about $7.00 + the same amount for shipping, and I’m NOT paying that much for a glorified juice box. I think I will try to make my own. If I can do so, then I can miniaturize the pattern and make blood bags for my 1:6 vampires too.

Since I have black pants, the basic parts of my costume are now pretty much set. I’m looking for some more "civilized vampire" accessories, however. I think I’m going to make a button that says "Vampires do it in cold blood" at Zazzle.

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