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Constipated werewolf demands to know the location of his pants!!!

Constipated werewolf demands to know the location of his pants!!! published on 1 Comment on Constipated werewolf demands to know the location of his pants!!!

Soom has been doing a series of unusual dolls with elaborate costumes, therianthropic body parts and accessories — all inspired by signs of the zodiac. For August and the sign of Leo, they issued Io Windwalker, a hunter with a spear and lion-related accessories: a skirt trimmed with lion fur, a claw necklace and a maned headdress representing a lion's head. As you can see on the product page, Io lives up to Soom's usual standards of high quality. He's both a lithely sculpted, attractive doll and an original concept with an expert execution.

Desperate to capitalize on the enthusiasm for Soom's zodiac series, Angel of Dream has gotten into the act. Now AoD has no reputation for beauty or high quality; in fact, most AoD dolls that I've seen are purchased precisely because they are a) cheap and b) strictly middling in quality. AoD dolls tend to be purchased as a) starter dolls for the young and less discriminating or b) as body fodder for floating heads. AoD's mediocrity fills the desire of some BJD owners for stop-gap dolls/bodies.

Now AoD confirms its noteriety for crashing mediocrity by coming out with Jurgis the wolf man or, as he is colloquially referred to, the Constipated Wolf Dude Who Lost His Pants. Refer to the travesty on the product page. How many things are wrong with these pictures? I laughed for minutes on end.

  • Leopard print =/= wolf pelt.
  • Werewolf is free-ballin' it.
  • Mid-transformation face looks dyspeptic…or maybe his groin is getting chafed?
  • Mid-transformation face is so poorly sculpted that it looks like someone cut a frowny mouth out of a magazine and pasted it on with Photoshop.
  • Mid-transformation face exists in the first place.
  • Wolf head contains buck teeth and too much ear hair.
  • Raaahr! DINOSAUR FEET!!

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