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KenMen’s makeup for men

KenMen’s makeup for men published on No Comments on KenMen’s makeup for men

Thanks to Sociological Images’ post about makeup for men, I found the KenMen Web site, where appear many types of makeup and skin care products for men. Or, at least, they are aimed at men, with language that connotes machismo and aggression. The defensive deployment of language all over the site — in a strident attempt to convince consumers that the products are not coded either feminine or queer — is enthralling. Interestingly enough, despite KenMen’s exertions to heterosexualize and masculinize makeup, it still sells foundation with the name Cream Me Face Base. To me, at least, the phrase "cream me" says "ejaculate on my face," which, if the implied consumer is a man getting ejaculated on, sounds rather gay.

P.S. Someone needs to take an international poll about the associations of the name Ken. My first association is with Barbie’s boyfriend, who is connoted as an anatomically incorrect, bland, largely useless and even outright stupid character. Therefore, I don’t find KenMen an auspicious name for a men’s makeup company. But perhaps the name has different associations elsewhere around the world.

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