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Today’s riddances: 6 — plus a note on affording Kathlen

Today’s riddances: 6 — plus a note on affording Kathlen published on No Comments on Today’s riddances: 6 — plus a note on affording Kathlen

5 books resold
1 document box recycled
Total 5 riddances
Grand total 64 riddances

NOTE: I’m doing pretty well generating some extra money to cover Kathlen. Plus shipping, she was $231.50. I’ve done 2 Clarion reviews x $50.00 a review, so there’s $100.00. I have also earned $58.58 so far from the sale of BJD items. [It would be more, but for damned Paypal fees.] Anyway, that’s $158.58. I’m on the deck for at least 1 more Clarion review x $50.00 a review and 1 Kirkus Discovery review x $50.00 [less taxes] a review, so those two assignments should bring me up around the price of Kathlen.

About Absinthe — as I mentioned earlier, she’ll either be an Obitsu/resin hybrid, which will be cheap, or a hybrid of two types of BJD, which will be costlier. I did a lot of comparisons earlier this week and narrowed down potential resin body donors to the following:

Not Doll/Roxy Pandora/Miriam/Yohimbin. Pluses: Appropriate height, appropriate color, double-jointed arms. Minuses: Single-jointed legs, "droopy" headsculpt. [I might as well try to get another 1:6 kidsy out of this with a headsculpt that I like.]

Soul Doll Soul Little Jandi. Pluses: Beautiful sculpting, double-jointed arms and legs, cute headsculpt. Minuses: Not pale enough, a bit too tall, quite robust.

Orientdoll Joong. Pluses: Inexpensive. Minuses: Too short, just 20cm, no double joints, apparently not being made any more.

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