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FS: Nude Obitsu Friend Gretel, $210

FS: Nude Obitsu Friend Gretel, $210 published on No Comments on FS: Nude Obitsu Friend Gretel, $210

I’m selling my Obitsu Friend Gretel with head, faceup and eyes. She is a white skin 2-part female doll with a soft joint and magnets in her feet. [I will try to find her magnetic plate.] She is item 60BD-F04W-G on this page: .

She is a Junky Spot exclusive that originally sold off the JS Web site for $650. I bought her secondhand at the end of 2006 for $400, including an LE set of wig, clothes and accessories, which I am NOT selling. She also does not have any of her original packaging, although she will be packaged securely and I will definitely find something to protect her face when I send her to you.

I am selling her for $210.00 including domestic shipping and insurance, which is less than the price of a headless 2-part white skin body with magnets [=$229.00]. International shipping and insurance will be more. Please see my extensive good feedback on DOA and on Ebay under "modernwizard." If you are interested in buying, please send me a message and point me to your feedback record.

I played with this doll very little; even so, she has some staining. That’s because she’s made out of plastic, which loves to slurp up dyes from fabric and wigs. In the spirit of full disclosure, many of the photos below document the staining on her. But please don’t be daunted by the amount of photos; as you can see, most of the staining is in places easily covered by clothing. I just wanted the buyer to be aware of the condition of this doll.

In action.

Ungrateful dolly!!

Beautiful, subtle, shimmery faceup! 0013

Slight discoloration on edge of lips. 0001

Small dots on face. 0002

Staining on head. This staining was present when I purchased her. 0003

Staining on head from the back. This staining was present when I purchased her. 0004

Staining on left thigh [black] and belly [light blue]. 0005

Another view of staining on left thigh and belly. 0006

Staining on back of left thigh. 0007

Staining on back of left calf. 0008

Staining on top of right shoulder. 0010

Right wrist joint is a bit looser than left. 0011

Staining on right palm. 0012

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