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Teodora’s head? Opinions, please.

Teodora’s head? Opinions, please. published on 1 Comment on Teodora’s head? Opinions, please.

Teodora, Pippilotta’s great aunt, is not a Colonial type of vampire the way that Pippilotta is. Pippilotta is an immortal, undead, sterile vampire, while Teodora is a bruxsas, a long-lived member of an exclusively female clan of Portuguese blood-drinkers who live for up to 300 years, interbreed with human men and work magic with gardening, cooking and fertility-related arts. I’m looking for a head for her because my OK Girl head, a soft, dirty copy of CG01, doesn’t really resemble her. I think Triad’s brunette fem sculpt might be good, as might their auburn sculpt, which has a rounder face. Below are front and side hairless renders of Teodora, then the headsculpts from Triad. What do you think?

Triad’s brunette.

Triad’s auburn.


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