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Toybiz Xena for Teodora?

Toybiz Xena for Teodora? published on 2 Comments on Toybiz Xena for Teodora?

A suggestion on MWD says that Toybiz Xena might be a candidate for Teodora’s headsculpt. Wow, that takes me back. When those dolls were still on the shelves [2000/2001], I used a Warlord Xena head on an original character, Patti, the gruff, Red-Bull-swilling junkyard owner. Incidentally, she was trans. I still have photos of her somewhere with her custom Red Bull can, painted sloppily by yours truly…. I always liked the sculpt for its no-nonsense, pissed-off expression. Maybe this shall be my choice for Teodora, if only for nostalgic reasons; she has the same imperious front that Patti did.

I should post some pictures and descriptions of my first wave of figs, their names, personalities and relationships. I had quite the soap opera running on my desk, pictures of which can still be seen in my photo album [before the advent of my digital camera]. As I recall, there were lots of queer characters, drag kings and queens and BDSM aficionados. And who could forget the hard-rockin’ band Flaming Hot Pussy? [As I recall, Patti was the drummer, and Velvette was a guitarist.] Obviously I translated most of these concepts into LHF, although FHP never made it.


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