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Marquis 1.0 and Dom 2.0

Marquis 1.0 and Dom 2.0 published on No Comments on Marquis 1.0 and Dom 2.0

Marquis will be enplasticated by DiD’s Ultimate Realistic Head 30003. Marquis has a very angular face, a large nose, full lips and an expression of disgusted cruelty that the aforementioned head captures.

Dom 2.0 will be enplasticated by the DiD scowling Timo Ducca sculpt [the top large picture on this page]. If this head reminds you of Davry, it’s no coincidence, as the Timo Ducca doll comes with three heads, one with a squinty expression, one with an open mouth and one with a scowl. The open-mouthed sculpt is the base for Davry. I selected the scowling Timo head for Dom because his salient characteristics are a round, soft, childish face and a conviction that the world is out to get him, both accurately transmitted in the sculpt. I’ll need to strip the paint, sand off the hair and repaint, but the essence of Dom is in there.

Why are the obnoxious characters — Dom, Marquis, Zinnia Pascale, Justine — always my favorites?

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