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HLJ’s tempting sales

HLJ’s tempting sales published on No Comments on HLJ’s tempting sales

HLJ has really slashed prices on some of their items. Though I probably won’t get any of these because shipping from Japan is prohibitively high, here are those that tempt me the most:

Medicom made a 1:6 Jack Sparrow from Dead Man’s Chest before Hot Toys started putting out their figs from the same license. This dude originally ran about $200.00, but now he’s down to $82.62, which is a steal considering the beautiful outfit [I always like historical clothes] and the lifelike headsculpt. Even with EMS shipping from Japan, he’s almost affordable…or at least more justifiable to me than he was at his original price.

All the Aoshima Girls’ Mission dollies are on sale too for 40% off at approximately $58.00 each. I like Rei’s outfit the best, but Miki’s open mouth gives her a cuteness not seen in the others.

Meyrin Hawke, who I think is on an Obitsu body, is 80% off at approximately $28.00. I don’t know who she is, but I like her because she’s a cute anime dolly with bouncy hair.

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