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Tanned Roxydoll Lucy = Susie

Tanned Roxydoll Lucy = Susie published on 2 Comments on Tanned Roxydoll Lucy = Susie

Susie Langdon, minor LHF character, is currently enplasticated by an Only Hearts Club head with a 23 cm Obitsu body. She will soon be upgraded to [yet another] 1:6 BJD, a tanned Roxydoll Lucy. As you can see from the photo below, taken by DOAer cerisey, the seller, she’s an innocent, serious, soulful doll with impressive posability for such a small [20cm] creature. She looks more serious than Susie’s original enplastication.

Anyway, because I’m paying $175.00 for her, Susie 2.0 will, like Absinthe 2.0, get a whole side plot devoted to her in my feeble attempt to justify spending that much for a minor character.

I notice that several of the young or young-appearing LHF characters are BJDs now: Absinthe, Little Will and now Susie. Michaela, however, is an action figure, as is Baozha. So is Little Anneka; well, more specifically, she’s an OHC doll with a haircut. She may upgrade to a mini BJD or BJD hybrid [as Absinthe technically is].

Also I have an extra sleeping Kathlen faceplate to work with…Hm….


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