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Sarah, shy trans girl in progress

Sarah, shy trans girl in progress published on 3 Comments on Sarah, shy trans girl in progress

Sarah is an experiment in doll Frankensteining. She has a Triad Otaku head, painted by the lovely and talented Corsetkitten, a Barbie upper torso, CG 1.0 arms and hands and Obitsu legs, all held together with my trusty friends hot glue and electrical tape.

All I know about her so far is what I see. Given her expression, she is shy, anxious, inquisitive and very soft-spoken. Given her very broad shoulders and narrow waist and legs, she is a no-op trans girl. Given her barely matching outfit, she has no fashion sense, but that’s not really a character trait because almost no one in the LHF universe matches. She reminds me of Jennifer Connelly from the movie Labyrinth; Connelly played a character named Sarah, hence the name.

Sarah, Sarah
Storms are brewin’ in your eyes
Sarah, Sarah
No time is a good time for goodbye

–Sarah, by Starship

Nothing to do with Sarah here, but I’ve been singing it to myself as I’ve worked on her.

I call her a work in progress because I need to replace her hair with pink awesomeness…or add pink awesomeness to the existing brown. A character this beautiful needs pink hair!!!


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