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Trials and tribulations of international shipping

Trials and tribulations of international shipping published on 4 Comments on Trials and tribulations of international shipping

The US does not charge customs charges on incoming international packages. Apparently, this is not standard practice; most countries do charge customs fees on incoming international packages. I just sent Jareth’s body to France, for example. The buyer wanted me to mark the package’s value at $75.00 so that she would have to pay only a small amount in customs fees [25-30% of marked value!].

However, I wanted to adequately insure the package in case it got eaten [as Little Will’s open head was], and the amount insured for had to equal the stated value. So I had to state $675.00 as a value and insure for $650.00 [the max allowed on international priority]. Now the buyer is distressed about having to pay customs fees.

Overseas shipping is just a huge, anxiety-producing, expensive hassle, even if the recipients aren’t trying to avoid high customs charges.


That package had better arrive promptly and in excellent condition. I am never going to sell dolls out of the US again.


…wait, you never got Little Will’s head back?? Balls.

…wait, so, you are supposed to eat the other $575 worth of lost revenue should the thing disappear in transit/be dicked with by customs because they might have to pay the charges?

Shouldn’t they work that into their plan ahead of time? That constitutes fail in my book. *headscratch*

I know exactly what you mean, I used to order a lot of stuff though a “middleman” agent, until they decided to get cagey. :/

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