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All my LHF dolls, 3/22/09

All my LHF dolls, 3/22/09 published on 2 Comments on All my LHF dolls, 3/22/09

LHFers as of 3/22/09, all 42 of ’em.

L to R: Will, Anneka.

L to R: Absinthe, Dom.

L to R: Caveat, Angelie, Teodora, Geordie [in pink hat], Viktor, Andrew [in silver jacket], Davry [in flaming vest], Sibley, Michaela, Maybe [seated].

L to R: Gemini, Velvette, Janet, Rori, Mark, Pippilotta.

Back row, L to R: Thomas, Sarah, ZaeZae, Marabou, Little Anneka [in front of Marabou], Max, Alexandra [in purple striped shirt], Minerva [behind Alexandra], Mamie [in red jacket], Leonora [in red dress], Marquis, Justine.
Middle row, L to R: Ethan [in red robe, seated], Little Will [in dress with checked bodice].
Front row, L to R: Baozha, Chow, Materyllis, Zinnia Pascale, Susie, Cory, Tituba, Margie [in striped shirt].


I was thinking of this the other day–how long have you had the Medicom Bambi you’re using as Baozha? She was one of the first figures you photographed with a brand new camera several years ago, I remember.

I’m glad I could provide so many bits and pieces for your cast.

Hey, thanks for reminding me of Baozha’s “original” name. She was indeed part of Medicom’s Bambi and Pampi two-fig set. I got her shortly after she came out in January, 2002. I had no idea who she was, but I couldn’t resist her petulant look and her pink hair. She’s on an Obitsu 27cm body now with CG hands, but she still has her original head and feet. I believe I got rid of the kid, Pampi, posthaste. Only NOW, 7 years later, do I think that having a 1:6, anatomically correct, pissed-off toddler boy in a devil suit would be hilarious.

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