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Brainstorming sources for unusual 1:6 accessories

Brainstorming sources for unusual 1:6 accessories published on 3 Comments on Brainstorming sources for unusual 1:6 accessories

Righty-o, so I’m reshooting all the eps of LHF that were done in digital renders because digital renders are ugly and impersonal compared to the warmth and flexibility of my dolls. I can approximate almost every digitally rendered ep without trouble, except for 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes." It’s basically a joke ep in which Anneka and Will wonder how to cover themselves up so they can drive to Vermont without sunlight hitting them and burning them. They consider options from their huge stash of kinky roleplaying stuff: 

  • Horned gas mask
  • Dancing girl outfit
  • Head harness with ball gag
  • Viking helmet
  • Wig with ringlets
  • Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun!
  • Tex the harem starlet cowboy!

Where am I going to acquire such bizarre stuff?

  • I have a gas mask without horns, so I can use that.
  • I can use Little Will’s wig for the ringlets.
  • I can make cat ears.
  • I can make an eyepatch.
  • I have a cutlass.
  • I have a cowboy hat.
  • I have sunglasses.
  • I have a squirt gun.

I still need:

  • A stereotypical dancing girl face veil
  • A head harness with built-in ball gag
  • A Viking helmet
  • A nun’s wimple


  • If I take the I Dream of Jeannie Barbie costume as an inspiration, I can improvise an easy veil with some tulle or some light drapey semi-transparent fabric.
  • I can probably make the head harness out of cardboard and electrical tape.
  • This picture of Dog Soldiers’ Viking fig shows that a passable Viking helmet can be made by using a plastic Easter egg for the casque and some attached tinfoil for the nose guard.
  • As for the nun’s wimple, clearly this is a sign that I should purchase the Aoshima Lady’s Mission fetish nun doll. Yeah…I should totally spend over $100 for an item of clothing that I’ll only use once. I can justify some pretty outrageous expenditures in the name of LHF, but that seems a bit much.


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