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Dead Girl’s Diary 4: “Disputed Redemption”

Dead Girl’s Diary 4: “Disputed Redemption” published on No Comments on Dead Girl’s Diary 4: “Disputed Redemption”

In which Absinthe goes up to Salem.


Comments: When we last left Absinthe, she was down in Franklin, Massachusetts, talking to her foster mother, Margie. Absinthe was reflecting on all the people in her life that she has lost, chief among those being Will. She feels that she betrayed Will and broke him by changing him into a vampire under duress and by contributing to the deaths of his parents. Over a century later, these events still weigh on Absinthe’s mind. For advice, Absinthe travels up to Salem to see Ethan Stuart and Tituba Salem.

The exterior of Ethan’s house is played by the Witch House, the only extant structure in Salem with ties to the witchcraft trials of 1692. It’s also a great example of 17th-century architecture, befitting the oldest and most powerful vampire in Massachusetts.

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