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Lazy set development: Chow’s house

Lazy set development: Chow’s house published on 1 Comment on Lazy set development: Chow’s house

Bamboo placement as backdrop. Plant stand as table. Miniature maneki neko, teapot and cork scene in a case from Chinatown. Food a combination of Rement, Iwako erasers and polymer clay. Cardboard bookshelf made out of a small box with books from, more Rement, etc. Altar made out of jewelry box tops and carpentry scraps with photos from

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Lazy set development: Chow’s house

I like Chow’s house. I like the clear walls and the light wood floor. Oh and the bookcase, the table, and the bamboo shades (aka bamboo placemat).

Chow’s crossed legs make a nice contrast to Anneka’s ladylike sitting.

BTW, I liked Will’s place, too, although Will was so central in the photos, I can’t recall the exact background.


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