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Dead Girl’s Diary 6: “The Family Tree”

Dead Girl’s Diary 6: “The Family Tree” published on No Comments on Dead Girl’s Diary 6: “The Family Tree”

In which Absinthe and Will have kids.

Comments: When we previously looked in on Absinthe, she was reporting to her foster mother, Margie, about her trip up to see her former jailer/father substitute, Ethan Stuart of the Colonial clan up in Salem. Her visit to Ethan reminded Absinthe just how attached she had been to Will, and her old feelings toward him are now only growing. She has bittersweet memories of the plans for the future that she and Will used to share.

This ep introduces one of Margie’s daughters, Maggie. It’s the older one, Laurie, who’s pregnant, of course!

Absinthe and Will’s imaginary daughter is portrayed by Submit, who will appear later in the future. For now, all you need to know is that there’s definitely a family resemblance between her and Absinthe. Like Absinthe, she is an Elfdoll Fantasy Kathlen head; the difference is that Absinthe has closed eyes, while Submit’s eyes are open.

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