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True Blood, season 2, ep 1: still entertaining

True Blood, season 2, ep 1: still entertaining published on 1 Comment on True Blood, season 2, ep 1: still entertaining

So I just caught the first ep of season 2 of True Blood, thanks to the fastest download ever. Most of the plots are continuing from the first season in that people keep dying; Sookie continues to break up and make up with Bill, who keeps looking wounded and red-eyed most of the time; Sam keeps crushing on Sookie; Tara keeps love/hating her mom and getting closer to that creepy "social worker" Maryann; Sookie’s dumb brother keeps pursuing the vamp-hating church; and Bill’s vampire spawn Jessica keeps being petulant. The only one who’s had a real change in status is Lafayette, who’s being kept in a dungeon by Sheriff Highlights Eric for dealing vampire blood.

I find the multi-layered stories interesting and the characters fascinating, except for Sheriff Highlights. He can die and be replaced by someone who can convincingly play an law enforcer. I don’t know where people get off thinking he’s sexy because he’s not.

Of course, after everything, I keep coming back for Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of Bill Compton. I especially appreciate how he builds his acting on stillness and silence, but is able to generate expressive looks without devolving into sad puppy dog eyes. He lurks around looking bloodshot, haggard and cheese-colored most of the time, which is how I imagine your average vampire to look. I appreciate that the costumes and makeup people give him a scraggly, loose comb-over, a pale complexion and other traits that downplay his attractiveness. I approve.

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I agree with all of what you say! As far as I’m concerned, Eric can just disappear from this series, and wouldn’t be missed. Frankly, I miss Eddie and wish he hadn’t been killed. Bill is what brings me back to this show – he strikes just the right tone, and at this point he is caught in between an impossible-to-please Sookie (she is really annoying me) and an out-of-control young vampire he’s responsible for (what the heck is that girl’s name?) Bill is so believable in his role, and draws me each and every time. I like Lafayette and hope he’ll escape and flourish. Tara is annoying, her mother is annoying…the waitresses are annoying…Maryanne – I don’t know, I’m just not captivated by her, or particularly interested. Sam…I did like him, but now I’m kind of losing interest. If I were Bill, I’d blow this town and head for someplace full of people who actually seem to have lives (even as undead), look for a nice little vampire to hang with, and call it a day (or night…) ;>)

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