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60cm boy stuff I don’t want

60cm boy stuff I don’t want published on No Comments on 60cm boy stuff I don’t want

Make it go away by making an offer.

Black leggings have been soaked in vinegar, but may stain doll if left on too long. White jacket has eyelets to lace up front, does not have any other fastenings. Rainbow stuff = crocheted hat, scarf and armwarmers.

Fur wigs are size 7-8, bicolored, high quality construction, Wicked Stitchery. Semi-transparent goldish blouse is just an overshirt, no fastenings. Brocaded vest has small, in-scale buttons in the form of beads. Red vinyl waist cincher laces up. Light blue long-sleeved shirt has snap in back. Black/white tank is semi-stretchy, pulls over head.


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