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OMG! Thanks for the link. I have always mis-identified what were apparently our “Easter Eggers” as Araucanas (which is what we were told we were getting by the poultry people, who clearly didn’t know better, but we wanted egg chickens not show chickens so, no biggie). Those, a few Buff Orpingtons, a Rhode Island Red, and either one or two other breeds (I do not remember the name(s) since I can’t even remember if it was one or two, ha ha ha!). The birds themselves are pretty colorful too. The lone Easter Egger cock was named Beauty, he was so pretty, though he was a real piece of work. He used to run in the barn with the hens and hide when the other two cocks sounded the Bird of Prey Alarm, and he’d attack you if you weren’t facing him in the barnyard– then run off if you looked at him. He ended up going to a neighbor because we didn’t want to deal with him.

It’s been a lot of years since we have had chickens but I will always remember them fondly. 😀 Raising fowl is a lot of fun, they have such personalities.

Ohhh noooo! Eeeeewwwwyyyyoooo!

You are destroying my urban fantasy that eggs are pasteurized fresh from those cute egg cartons in the refrigerator section of supermarkets.

Live chickens are NEVER involved.

LOL – joking. Well … maybe not … returning to the urban fantasy ….

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