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Update on 1:6 costumes and fetish wear

Update on 1:6 costumes and fetish wear published on 1 Comment on Update on 1:6 costumes and fetish wear

As I have mentioned a few times, I’m looking for some 1:6 costumes/fetish wear for use in reshooting LHF 2.1. Also I just think it’s hilarious to have fetish gear lying around in the background of Anneka and Will’s houses. Makes you wonder about their sex lives….

So these are the items mentioned in the original version:

  • Horned gas mask
  • Dancing girl outfit
  • Head harness with ball gag
  • Viking helmet
  • Wig with ringlets
  • Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun: wimple, cat ears, cutlass.
  • Tex the harem starlet cowboy: cowboy hat, harem girl veil, six-shooter.

Here are the items I have procured:

  • Clown mask [from ZC Girls’ Carol the bank robber]
  • Dancing girl outfit [from Ebay from a special version of Mikelman’s Candi]
  • Head harness with ball gag [digitally rendered in DAZ]
  • Viking helmet
  • Thunderpussy’s wimple and cutlass
  • Tex’s cowboy hat, veil and six-shooter

Still looking for a gas mask.

EDIT: Just got a gas mask, some horribly blocky glasses and 2 pairs of bloomers from War Toys, my favorite loose 1:6 stuff dealer. Now I have completed my quest for 1:6 fetishwear. Also Absinthe can have some appropriate underwear!

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