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Lexical pet peeves: “ogle” and “groce”

Lexical pet peeves: “ogle” and “groce” published on 3 Comments on Lexical pet peeves: “ogle” and “groce”

This word, which means "to look at flirtatiously or lustfully," is pronounced "OH gull." It rhymes with "mogul." It is NOT pronounced "AH gull." It does NOT rhyme with "goggle," "boggle" or "toggle."

Also I’ve been seeing a lot of "groce" instead of "gross" on message boards. Actually, it’s just on one message board, and I can’t tell if the users are purposely misspelling it, or if they just don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a gross error, and it pisses me off. Has anyone else seen this anywhere?


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