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Sweet! Rement’s doing a Candy Shop!

Sweet! Rement’s doing a Candy Shop! published on 2 Comments on Sweet! Rement’s doing a Candy Shop!

Rement is coming out with a Candy Shop in September. Normally I become bored with Rement’s endless iterations of cakes, chocolates and other sweets, but these candies seem novel. I especially like the "Animal Pops," lollipops in the shape of animal heads. LHF can make room for animal-headed lollipops, right?

In other upcoming Rements, there is European Grandma/Grandma’s Kitchen, which combines food with old-fashioned utensils. I especially like the scale in set #1 and the sunflowers in set #2.

Rement is also coming out with these awesome pendants, Jumbo Food, that show ridiculously overflowing portions of rice, ice cream, sushi, etc. The exploding bacon cheesburger looks delectable, while the many ice cream cones look just the right size for soft-serve cones. My favorite, however, is the listing tower of pancakes with a cascade of syrup streaming from them. I hope these pendants come Stateside.


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