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Laundry from Andrea

Laundry from Andrea published on 2 Comments on Laundry from Andrea

Andrea sold me a 1:6 laundry room [photo by Andrea] with washer, dryer, ironing board, iron, cabinets, detergent, soap, clothing racks, etc. Either someone’s getting a really spiffy basement set, or this is gonna be a laundry facility. Looks like the detergent, soap, etc. could be displayed as in a store.


That’s a cute set!

Gloria has a washer-dryer set with an ironing board – gee, need to find that, but this Just Kidz set looks like a laundry ROOM as well as having the accessories.

I have a 1:6 washing machine from the 70s by Nasta Ind. Inc. And there might have been a Kitchen Littles washer-dryer set … might.

Nice clean, metallic lines your machines have.

Great find Andrea! Thanks for sharing MW!

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