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Photos from doll club, 1/9/10

Photos from doll club, 1/9/10 published on 2 Comments on Photos from doll club, 1/9/10

Took a few pictures in Ann Laurie’s lightbox at doll club today. 

Junebug meets another Karito Kid, Gia, owned by Maria and Ashley.

Ann Laurie’s Fairyland Real Puki SoSo stands at about 9.5 cm and has all those joints!

Sardonix hangs out, looking sardonic.


I’m so glad you got pics of Junebug and SoSo – because I didn’t! I missed a whole lot of dolls at one end, but I did manage to get a pic of Gia! Nice pic of Sardonix! I got one too and will post it with the others! The light box is fun – I need to have a an area where the back flap can be put down and a light put in back. I think it would be really great for the smaller dolls – wish there was one about 40 inches square. I suppose I could make one….

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