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Doll club, 5/8/09: photos

Doll club, 5/8/09: photos published on 2 Comments on Doll club, 5/8/09: photos

Ann Laurie’s Fairyland multihead Ante on a PukiFee body: the perfect proportions for a 1:6 6-year-old.
Someone’s Mattel 2010 Harley Ken, with the same headsculpt as the Twilight Edward doll. I really like the planes of his face.

Maria’s new Karito Kids catalog, showing new outfits for the Karito Kids. Here’s Ling’s. [I have a Ling named Junebug.] I like the second edition outfits better than the first edition; the second edition outfits seem more practical for fall and winter.

Someone’s Tonner Ellowynne Wilde doll, showing off her lacy, layered outfit of mixed textures.


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