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Something is wrong with this doll!

Something is wrong with this doll! published on 1 Comment on Something is wrong with this doll!

People in the Library of Intellectum keep finding it lying around on books like How to Create Your Own Homunculus, Artificial Lifeforms for Beginners and Ventriloquism for Fun and Sadism. Whenever a patron picks up the doll to give it to lost and found, the doll’s eyes glitter and follow the person, and it seems to start frowning. Inevitably, the patron, instead of giving the doll to lost and found, puts the doll in a dark corner of the library, hopefully never to be seen again. A few weeks later, the doll appears on an open book, seeming to read. It cannot be gotten rid of!

The ghost and the library assistant are very interested in the doll. The ghost likes the doll because…well, she wants a dolly, and she’s rather indiscriminate about what kind. The library assistant thinks that the doll is alive, possessed or cursed and somehow trying to communicate with people, but people keep banishing it. The library assistant and the ghost conduct experiments on the doll, and they’ve pretty much established that it moves on its own, even though they haven’t seen it do so. The library assistant thinks that she can teach the doll how to write, since the doll’s mouth is stitched up.

The doll is a V3 base with free Classic Elegance hair and a creepy, compelling texture by samildanach, Dulari Doll. Picture of naked doll below.

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