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Sitting there, not doing anything

Sitting there, not doing anything published on 2 Comments on Sitting there, not doing anything

I feel somewhat guilty about having 17 extra 1:6 dolls hanging around. By “extra,” I mean that they have no point. I keep them because I like them, not because they play any part in my major dolly project, LHF.


I keep thinking that I SHOULD play with them, which basically means that I should incorporate them somehow into LHF. In fact, 9 of the 17 extras are waiting to appear in LHF. I have eventual plans for them in LHF’s plotline [VERY eventual, usually not written down]. So they technically aren’t extra at all.

But what about those 8 useless dolls, the ones that just sit there, not earning their keep? [I require my dolls to WORK, dammit!] Okay, so 2 of them, Frank and Jennifer, aren’t useless [their compatriot Jareth has appeared in LHF as Leonyssus, Anneka’s muse] because the concept of the LHF universe does not apply to them. They live in the different universe of “inside my head.”

That still leaves 6 people unaccounted for. Yes, YOU, Bering, AJ, Cutey Honey, Epona, Dasu and Tamsin. In fact, we can pare this list down more because 4 of the 6 – Bering, AJ, Epona and Cutey Honey – were purchased explicitly for their pointlessness, i.e., as display-only dolls.

Poor Dasu and Tamsin, the odd ones out, forlorn and unassigned, drifting in an existence of purposelessness. I suppose I could put them in the “display-only” category because I enjoy looking at them.

What I clearly need to do is to shed the guilt of acquisition. I don’t want to acquire pointless extra dolls indiscriminately, but I should accept the fact that I have bought display-only dolls. They look nice, and they make me happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Background patrons at the cafe or book store? People who are always around but never quite interact with anyone we ‘know,’ although they might, someday…

You know I’m still learning what the right amount of dolls for me is, so I do understand your dilemma (to which I’ve certainly contributed…ah…)

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