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Bad idea, MW!

Bad idea, MW! published on 2 Comments on Bad idea, MW!

I got the genius, bad, tempting idea this afternoon that Bobobie Charisma looks like Jareth. And there’s a Bobobie Charisma human head on the DOA Marketplace right now for $30.00. Of course, it’s slate-blue, which Jareth most emphatically ain’t, but that’s why people who have airbrushes who can be hired to recolor a head were invented.

To quote Hoggle from Labyrinth, "Damn you, Jareth! And damn me too!"

Like I need more Jareths in my life…especially after I already got rid of a BJD one [but it didn’t really look like him anyway].

EDIT: Well, shit. I see that Bobobie is on my list of cheating doll cos.

…But Charisma has a smirk...and a cheap price tag.

Did I mention the smirk? And the seductive androgyny? And the face that looks older than most preternaturally young-faced BJDs?

How morally compromised am I, considering the abandonment of my principles for a cheap smirk?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, maybe I can go to bed.


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