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I kind of want this doll.

I kind of want this doll. published on No Comments on I kind of want this doll.

B&G Dolls [Boy and Girl Dolls] has a several-months-old line out called the Old World. These dolls represent the most popular dollified supernaturals, viz., vampires, elves and elfy vampires.

I currently have a crush on Burrysa, an elfy vampire. One of her full sets comes with one head with open eyes, with the option of goblet-holding hands, wand-holding hands or regular hands [I think]. The open-eyed sculpt has a slightly open mouth, a very stylized face with high and flat cheekbones, long pointy ears and a surprisingly thoughtful and innocent expression for a vampire.

Another full set for Burrysa comes with two heads, the open-eyed head and a dramatic head with partly closed eyes. The closed-eyed head features glaring, lowered brows, narrowed eyes and bared fangs in an open, yelling mouth. She looks supremely irritated, like she’s in the midst of saying, “I’m so pissed off I could bite something!”

I can just see her now with poofy pink ponytails or cyber dreads and a decora outfit as elaborate as Zinnia Pascale’s. Her name would be something soft and plushy, like Trisha or Priscilla, and her outfit would be bright and cheery, while her personality would be curmudgeonly and semi-evil, but actually not that bad. She’d be the bigger vampire version of Zinnia Pascale, and she’d sure be a lot of fun to piece together…

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