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Me and my expensive dolls

Me and my expensive dolls published on No Comments on Me and my expensive dolls

I like expensive dolls, namely, resin Asian ball-jointed dolls. For example, my incoming Lola Paprika was $309.00 including doll, eyes, faceup [painting], outfit and shipping. Because she was on a special sale, she would have normally cost more. Without the steep discount, the same items would have cost me just about $615.00. You can see why I, accustomed to such prices for 60cm BJDs, call Lola Paprika my “cheap” 1:3er.

Anyway, even as I revel in the thought of getting such a beautiful doll for such a relative bargain, I am also highly aware of the loads of money which I casually drop upon BJDs. This is obviously a luxury interest, which sometimes leaves me ambivalent about spending so much. Surely that money could go toward things either more necessary than or just as enjoyable as, but cheaper than, BJDs. [For example, think of how much 1:6 stuff I could get with $309.00! At the rate Hot Toys’ prices are going, it would just be 1.25 fully kitted figs, but I digress. I could also get scads of crack…I mean Rement.]

Then I think about my BJD spending in context. In general, I don’t spend a lot of money. I don’t pinch pennies, but I also don’t spend excessive amounts of money when furnishing my necessities. Dolls and their accoutrements represent pretty much my only excess. Since my finances are stable and organized, I can afford to have BJDs. I am in such a position of financial and class privilege that allows me to say that I don’t think my interest in expensive dolls is a problem.

Today’s profundity has been brought to you by Angelsdoll, purveyor of BJDs with relatively realistic and affordable shapes. Today’s profundity has NOT been brought to you by Hot Toys, whose prices I find galling for 1:6 scale. [Funny how $125.00 is my limit for 1:6 scale spending, but a mere sneeze in the bucket against my 1:3 scale spending.]

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