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Lola Paprika reveals her personality.

Lola Paprika reveals her personality. published on No Comments on Lola Paprika reveals her personality.

My first photostory of Lola Paprika in action, as it were. She was originally going to be a loud and flamboyant person, but, once I saw those sweet anxious eyebrows, I knew she was more of an introvert, no matter how flashily dressed.

Me: "What are you doing, Lola Paprika, playing cards?"

Lola Paprika: "No, silly, I’m trying to tell my fortune. But…"

Me: "But what?"

Lola Paprika: "Well, the significator — you know, the card that’s supposed to represent me in the readings — keeps coming up the Hermit. See?"

Me: "So?"

Lola Paprika: "So is it some sort of message from the universe? Am I too introverted? Do I need to get out more? What if…"

Me: "I think you need to stop thinking so much!"

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