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Remember Intellectum?

Remember Intellectum? published on 1 Comment on Remember Intellectum?

EDIT: All this talk of Lumedoll’s creations’ aptness for the Library of Intellectum makes me want to rush out and purchase the library assistant, the head librarian, the special collections assistant and the ghost right now!

Dost thou remember Intellectum? I do. It was a city that I created with the help of Daz Studio in August of last year. The focus of my creation was on the Library of Intellectum, which combined advanced technology such as interlibrary loan transmats, with myth in the form of a book wyrm, even the supernatural in the form of ghosts and magic. I even created a cast of characters and assigned them 1:6 dolls:

  • The library assistant, our protagonist, is a Dollmore Melissa Hon. EDIT: Since Dollmore is a cheatin’ BJD. co. that I cannot, in good conscience, support by buying directly from them, the library assistant may have to be a Lumedoll Arine with a small bust and sharpened face.
  • The head librarian, her ultimate supervisor, was originally an Obitsu W-03 head on an Obitsu slender male body, even though she is an old woman, but now I think she should be a Lumedoll Lucas head on a Lumedoll fem body, breasts removed.
  • The special collections assistant, our protagonist’s friend, was originally an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head on a resin 1:6 male body, but now I think he should be a Lumedoll Koit.
  • The ghost, another of our protagonist’s friends, is an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head on a Notdoll 25cm fem body. EDIT: For ease of use, the ghost could also be a Lumedoll Elin with a small bust and shortened legs and torso [just to be younger/smaller than the library assistant].
  • The book wyrm is a felted Chinese dragon with wire inside.
  • Scanty Sophie, the statue on top of the library, is a 2003 ComicCon Takara/BBI silver Cy Girl.
  • The "little fucker" is a DreamHigh Squee.
  • The doll, another of our protagonist’s adventures, is unassigned.
  • Various patrons are also unassigned.

I decided that most of the sets would be easy to make:

  • the stacks [two shelves of books forming a corridor and facing each other, grey foamcore background]
  • the book wyrm’s lair [grey foamcore background, cardboard tube pillars]
  • the Pierian Spring [ditto, plus painted Styrofoam fountain]
  • the Discard Bin [grey foamcore background, cardboard tube pillars, balsa wood coffins]
  • the ILL center [grey foamcore background, plastic bank of computers]
  • the exterior [computer rendered 3D scene from Daz Studio]

Of course, I didn’t have a plot tying all these elements together, but I enjoyed developing them.

Now, over a year later, I’m living in a small apartment with no room for my 1:6 stuff: dolls, clothes, sets and accessories. I have some 1:3 dolls to keep me company, but I greatly miss my 1:6ers. I also miss writing fiction, something I haven’t done for the past six months.

My longing for both 1:6ers and stories prompts me to think about returning to the world of 1:6 photostories that I left with Love Has Fangs. I wouldn’t go back to LHF; instead, I would return with the Library of Intellectum.

Maybe I’ll start working on some character sketches and plot ideas, just to satisfy my desire to be writing again, and I’ll see where it goes….

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