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Yearrrrrrgh, now I want DOLLS!

Yearrrrrrgh, now I want DOLLS! published on 1 Comment on Yearrrrrrgh, now I want DOLLS!

Ever since seeing the denim-wearing Barbie Basic with the Louboutin sculpt at doll club in March [she's the brown-haired one], I've wanted one for my own, but have had no excuse to get one because I'm not really actively in 1:6 scale any more. Isn't she pretty? I especially like her mostly understated makeup and her serene look. Now I'm thinking I should get her for Avery, the sister of the main character in Me and My Muses.

But I should be recycling, using doll parts from my existing collection, not getting NEW stuff, unless it's Ellery, Lucian, Mazzy and Jessica [the characters who will be Lumedoll BJDs].

She's only $19.95…sooooo cheeeeaaaap…

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