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Me and My Muses…dolls, updated

Me and My Muses…dolls, updated published on No Comments on Me and My Muses…dolls, updated

My earlier plot of putting a Lumedoll Lucas [male] head on a Lumedoll fem body will not work for Mazzy, so he needs a different headsculpt. I may just get another Lumedoll Arine and paint it differently, emphasizing the link between Ellery and her muses by similarity of features. In that case, maybe Jessica should be an Arine as well with a small bust?

Dolls, updated

  • Ellery: Lumedoll Arine, large bust
  • Lucian: Lumedoll Lucas
  • Mazzy: Lumedoll Arine, large bust
  • Jessica: Lumedoll Elin, small bust, or Souldoll Jandi, or Souldoll Metel
  • Avery: ? [the doll formerly known as Cutey Honey?]
  • Kristin: ? [the doll formerly known as Cory?]
  • Melinda: ? [the doll previously appearing as Maybe?]
  • Jo: ? [the doll formerly known as AJ?]
  • MacKenzie: ? [the doll formerly known as Tamsin?]

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