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More clothes for Lumedoll Lumelights

More clothes for Lumedoll Lumelights published on 1 Comment on More clothes for Lumedoll Lumelights

Searching for "blythe sports shoes" on Ebay brings up a selection of footwear <$10.00 a pair that will accommodate Lumelight fems' feet.

Andrea [who is God] tells me that Momoko and Pullip clothes will very likely be too small for Ellery and Jessica, so I have commissioned someone [=God] to make a stylistically clashing wardrobe for Ellery.

My ideal wardrobe for Ellery would be

  • a tiered skirt of mismatching layers
  • some underwear [bra and briefs]
  • a T-shirt that says FEMINIST
  • a T-shirt that says GEEK
  • a pair of jeans that go up to her waist
  • a long-sleeved shirt to wear open over the T-shirts [i.e., doesn't need fasteners] and
  • as many as possible pairs of sleeves with all different patterns and colors.

Meanwhile, I have given up on my search for a French maid outfit for Jessica Jamisia. I will just use a dress [Ebru's] and apron [Materyllis', shown under her felt apron here] from Andrea that I already have, and I'll leave it at that. I'm already laying out quite a bit for the 4 main dolls themselves and Ellery and Lucian's clothes, so I'd like to save where possible.

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