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Tale of two 1:6 vanities

Tale of two 1:6 vanities published on 1 Comment on Tale of two 1:6 vanities

Thinking ahead to future dolls and sets for Me and My Muses, Mazzy needs some high femme accoutrements for his set. One definite item is a vanity. I looked around on Ebay for one, seeking, in particularly, a vanity with lily-shaped lights. I found one.

As you can see, this 2004 piece from the Barbie Silkstone collection is exactly what I was looking for, although, actually, I would have liked a nice violent pink color on this particular set. However…

Putting a damper on the fun, however, is the fact that anything related to Silkstones is outrageously expensive. There are two currently on Ebay with Buy It Nows of $200.00 and one with a BIN of $400.00. For that type of money, I could get many high-quality sets' worth of furniture, backdrops and accessories! No way, Mattel.

On the cheaper, more plasticated end of the spectrum, Mattel does have some perfectly acceptable playline vanities, a huge variety, in fact. I particularly like the Fashion Fever vanity, which, unusually for Mattel, is actually a nice, sort of subdued white with a floral motif. This can be found on Ebay for a much more reasonable $35.00, including shipping.

There's really no point to this comparison, except to say that it sure is frustrating when the stuff I really want is stuff I can't afford.

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