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Review of new show: ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Review of new show: ABC’s Once Upon a Time published on 1 Comment on Review of new show: ABC’s Once Upon a Time

In ABC's Once Upon a Time, which debuted last week, fairy tale characters are trapped in Storybrooke, Maine, unaware of their true identities. Bail bond person Emma Swan must accept her destiny as mother of Henry, who she gave up for adoption as a baby, and Snow White's daughter to reverse this evil curse. On her side are Henry [her kid], Henry's teacher [Snow White] and probably the sheriff. Against her are arrayed Regina [the evil queen], Mr. Gold [Rumplestiltskin] and Henry's therapist [identity not known].

While I don't think Grimm is making much of the fairy tale concept, I think Once Upon a Time has the capacity for greater insight into these stories, as it's showing how they act out in characters' lives, forming sort of primal motivations. So I like the concept, the jewel-toned cinematography and Jennifer Morrison's sarcastic expressions as Emma. I find Lara Parrilla's evil queen broadly overplayed, though she did gain some interesting backstory during ep 2, and Jared Gilmore's Henry borderline annoying. So far I'll keep watching because I think the quality is slightly above average.

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