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Kremer the Soom Sprite of Slumber

Kremer the Soom Sprite of Slumber published on No Comments on Kremer the Soom Sprite of Slumber

Look at the little 1:6 fairy with flower-like ears and luscious lips. He is Kremer, the latest in the Soom Faery Legend line, which, by my lights, just keeps getting better and better.
I really like him. He reminds me of Sabik, a Soom doll that I used to have until I decided he was too large for me.

I really want him… I could afford him, but I should be devoting doll money toward MacKenzie, the last of the Me and My Muses dolls that needs inresination.

But he's so cute…and he could hang out with Ginevra.

Like I need more dolls!

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