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Working on Flower…

Working on Flower… published on No Comments on Working on Flower…

Flower, my Soom Faery Sprite of Slumber, came on Monday. I’m just now getting around to putting him together. He’s all strung and everything, but his eyes need to be put in, ears glued on, arms wired and wings magnetized. So far I have put his eyes in, glued on his ears, wired his arms and put the magnets in the sockets in his back. Tomorrow I will glue the magnets into the sockets in his wings.

Flower represents my first male Soom Faery, as well as the first Soom Faery I’ve gotten with a faceup and blushing. I’m not too thrilled with the silly blushing all over his delicate white body, but I love the purple, sparkly, shimmery blushing on his ears and his wings. Both his ears and wings remind me of flower petals…hence his name.

I love Flower’s gentle little face. He reminds me of Soom Sabik, a [very large] doll that I used to have. [I mostly got him because he looks like a small, portable, less expensive Sabik…with bonus shimmery ears and wings!] I do, however, think that his narrow, finely drawn head would fit better on a less muscular body. In fact, as with most of Soom’s sculpts, Flower’s headsculpt is versatile enough to be used for a doll of any sex.

Some owners of CW Soom faeries have reported that the CW resin starts to turn “beauty green” after exposure to even mild, indoor, artificial light! Sadly, I think that will happen with Flower. His head especially already has green undertones, even more noticeable than his body. However, now that I think about it, green skin — or skin with a green tinge — is perfect for a flower fairy, so I’m not too perturbed. Greenness will not detract from Flower’s beauty!

A picture of Flower without his wig follows, then a picture of Flower in his default wig, then a picture of Flower in Lucian’s wig [tee hee!]. I’m not sure what to do about hair for Flower. Unlike Ginevra, he definitely needs hair: a long, flowing abundance. His default wig, a poor quality, plasticky, light purple one, seems to be slightly too small, but maybe I can hot glue it into an acceptable position. I really want him to have purple hair! Alternatively, he does not look that bad in Lucian’s slightly larger blond wig, but he certainly does not appear as otherworldly.


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